Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Virtue of Obedience

They said of John, the disciple of Paul, that he was full of the virtue of obedience. There was a tomb in which lived a dangerous lioness.

Paul saw the dung of the lioness lying around and said to John, "Go and fetch that dung."

John said to him, "What shall I do, abba, about the lioness?"

Paul said, as a joke, "If she comes at you, tie her up and bring her here."

So, John went there in the evening, and the lioness rushed at him. John obeyed Paul, and ran to catch her, so the lioness turned and fled. John chased her, shouting, "Wait! My abba told me to tie you up." He eventually caught her and tied her up.

Paul sat a long time waiting for him, and was getting very anxious because he was late. But at last John came, and brought the lioness with him, tied up. Paul marveled at the sight, but wanting to humble him, he beat him and said, "You fool, have you brought me that silly dog?" And he immediately untied the lioness and drove her away.

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