Wednesday, March 18, 2009


A hermit who was anxious went to Theodore of Pherme and told him all about it.

Theodore said to him, "Humble yourself, put yourself in subjection, go live with others."

So the hermit went to a mountain, and there lived with a community. Later, he returned to Theodore and said, "Not even when I lived with other men did I find rest."

Theodore replied, "If you're not at rest as a hermit, nor when you're in a community, why did you want to be a monk? Wasn't it in order to suffer? Tell me, how many years have you been a monk?"

He said, "Eight."

Theodore said, "Believe me, I've been a monk for seventy years, and I've not been able to get a single day's peace. Do you expect to have peace after only eight years?"

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