Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let Us Go Hence

They told this story about Agatho. He and his disciples spent a long time building his cell. When they finished it he lived in it, but in the first week he saw a vision which seemed harmful to him. So he said to his disciples what the Lord said to his apostles, "Rise, let us go hence" (John 14:31).

But the disciples were exasperated and said, "If you meant the whole time to move from here, why did we have to work so hard and spend so long in building you a cell? People will begin to be shocked by us and say: 'Look they are moving again, they are restless and never settle.'"

When Agatho saw that they were afraid of what people would say, he said, "Although some may be shocked, there are others who will be edified and say, 'Blessed are they, for they have moved their abode for God's sake, and left all their property freely.' Whoever wants to come with me, let him come; I am going anyway."

They bowed down on the ground before him, and begged to be allowed to go with him.

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