Sunday, October 18, 2009

Turn The Other Cheek

Daniel said that in Babylon there was a nobleman's daughter, who was possessed by a devil. Her father asked a monk for help. The monk said to him, "No one can cure your daughter except some hermits I know: and if you go to them, they will refuse to do it from motives of humility. Let us do it this way: when they come to the city bringing their produce for sale, tell them that you want to buy what they have. When they come into the house to receive the money, we will ask them to pray, and I believe that your daughter will be cured."

So they went into the street, and they found a disciple of a hermit who was sitting there trying to sell his baskets. They took him back with them to the house, as if to give him money for his wares. When the monk came into the house, the girl who was troubled with the demon went up to him and slapped him. He followed the Lord's commandment and turned the other cheek.

The demon was forced out, and began to cry: "Violence! The commandment of Jesus Christ is driving me out;" the girl was healed at that moment.

When they came back to the hermit, they told him what had happened, and he glorified God saying, "The pride of devils must fall before humble obedience to the commandments of Jesus Christ.

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