Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lord Have Mercy On Me, A Sinner!

It was said that a hermit was working earnestly in his cell, wrapped up in his mat. He went to visit Ammon, who saw him using his mat like this, and said to him, "That is not a good idea."

The hermit said, "Three thoughts trouble me. The first is that I ought to go and live somewhere else in the desert; the second is that I should go out and find a foreign country where no one knows me; the third is that I should shut myself in my cell, see no one, and eat every other day."

Ammon said to him, "None of these three would be any use to you. Stay in your cell, eat a little every day, always keep in your heart the words of the publican in the Gospel, and you can be saved (Luke 18:13)."

~~The Pharisee and the Publican by Christian Dare

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