Saturday, September 26, 2009

For God's Sake

Paphnutius is said to have seldom drunk wine but once on a journey he came upon a meeting place of robbers while they were drinking. The chief of the robber band recognized him and knew that he would no drink wine, but he saw that he was tired out.

So, he filled a cup with wine, held a naked sword in his other hand, and said, "If you don't drink, I'll kill you."

Paphnutius knew that the robber chieftain was trying to obey the commandment of God: and in his desire to help him, he took the cup and drank.

Then the robber chief did penance before him, and said, "I'm sorry, abba, that I grieved you."

The hermit said to him, "I believe that because of this cup my God will have mercy upon you in this world and the next."

The robber chieftain replied, "I believe in God and from now on I'll harm no one."

The hermit won over the whole band of robbers, because for God's sake he let himself fall into their power.

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