Friday, September 25, 2009

Bearing Temptation

Some brothers came to a holy hermit who lived in the desert and outside the hermitage they found a boy tending the sheep and using uncouth words.

After they had told the hermits their thoughts and profited from his reply, they said, "Abba, why do you allow those boys to be here, and why don't you order them to stop hurling abuse at each other?"

He said, "Indeed, my brothers, there are days when I want to order them to stop it, but I hold myself back, saying, if I can't put up with this little thing, how shall I put up with serious temptation, if God ever lets me be so tempted? So, I say nothing to them, and try to get into the habit of bearing whatever happens."

~~Young shepherds with their flock by Robert Eberle.

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