Thursday, July 23, 2009

Eating Soup in Scetis

Once Achillas came to the cell of Isaiah in Scetis, and found him eating. He had put salt and water in a dish. Seeing that he was hiding the dish behind the plaits of palm leaves, Achillas said, "Tell me what you were eating."

He answered, "I am sorry abba, but I was cutting palms and began to burn with thirst. So I dipped a piece of bread in salt, and put it in my mouth. But my mouth was parched, and I could not swallow the bread, so I was forced to pour a little water on the salt so that I could swallow it. Forgive me."

Achillas used to tease him, saying, "Come see Isaiah eating soup in Scetis. If you want to eat soup, go to Egypt."

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