Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Wise as an Owl

They said of Agatho that some people went to him because they heard he was a man of great discretion. Wanting to test whether he was irritable, they said to him, "Are you Agatho? We have heard that you are an adulterer and a proud man."

He answered, "It is true."

They said to him, "Are you that Agatho who gossips and slanders?"

He answered, "I am."

They asked him, "Are you Agatho the heretic?'

He answered, "I am no heretic."

So they asked him, "Why did you patiently bear it when we slandered you, but did not endure it when we said you were a heretic?"

He answered, "I agreed to the first charges against myself for the good of my soul. But I didn't accept it when you said I was a heretic because that is to be separated from God, and I don't want to be separated from God."

They admired his discretion, and went away edified.

~~Wise Old Owl by Amy Huntington

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Amy Huntington said...

Hello Amma,

It's NOT OK to take someone's artwork image with out permission.

Amy Huntington