Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Once when Antony was living in the desert his soul was troubled by boredom and irritation. He said to God, "I want to be made whole and my thoughts do not let me. What am I to do about this about this trouble, how shall I be cured?"

After a while he got up and went outside. He saw someone like himself sitting down and working, then standing up to pray; then sitting down again to make a plait of palm leaves, and standing up again to pray. It was an angel of the Lord sent to correct Antony and make him vigilant. He heard the voice of the angel saying, "Do this and you will be cured."

When he heard it, he was very glad and recovered his confidence. He did what the angel had done, and found the salvation that he was seeking.

~~photo by Frank Logue


jim said...

can you recommend some of these books for me to read? i am just blown away by each reading. I would love to read some of the books.

Anonymous said...

I too, am blown away by these readings. I have purchased many books containing writings from the desert mothers and fathers.
Just reading one,each day from this sight is enough.
The idea behind all the sayings is to contemplate them and let the meanings become a part of you.
Isn't it great to be alive?