Saturday, January 17, 2009

Showing Off

Antony once heard about how a young monk showed off on a journey. He saw some old men walking wearily along the road, and he ordered some donkeys to appear and carry them home. When the old men told Antony about this he said, "I think that monk is like a rich ship laden with cargo, but it is not yet certain that it will reach port in safety."

Shortly afterwards, Antony began to weep, and pull his hair, and groan. When his disciples saw it, they said, "Why are you weeping, abba?" He replied, "A great pillar of the church has just fallen." He said this about the young monk, and added, "Walk over and see what has happened."

So his disciples went, and found the young monk sitting on his mat and weeping for a sin he had committed. When he saw Antony's disciples, he said, "Tell the abba to pray God to give me just ten days, and I hope to be able to satisfy Him." Within five days the young monk was dead.

~~photo by Frank Logue

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