Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Some brothers from Scetis wanted to visit Antony, and set out in a ship to go there. On board they met an old man who also wanted to go to Antony, but he did not belong to their party. During the voyage they talked about the sayings of the fathers and the Scriptures, and then the manual work that they did, but the old man said nothing at all. When they came to the landing-place, they realized the old man also was going to see Antony. When they arrived, Antony said to them, "You found good company on your journey in this old man." He said to the old man, "You found good companions in these brothers." The old man said, "Yes, they are good, but their house has no door. Anyone who wants to goes into the stable and steals the donkey." He said this because they had said the first thing that came into their heads.

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