Thursday, November 5, 2009


Some Greeks once came to give alms in the city of Ostrancinus: and they asked the stewards of the church to show them who was in the most need. The stewards led them to a leper to whom they offered money.

But he did not want it, and said, "Look here, I have a few palm leaves to work, and I plait them, and so I get enough to eat."

Then the stewards took them to the house of a widow who lived with her daughters. When they knocked on the door, one of the daughters ran to open it although she was naked. Her mother had gone out to work as a laundress. They offered the daughter clothing and money.

But she refused to accept it, and said that her mother had told her, "Trust in God's will. Today I have found work to supply us with enough to live on."

When the mother came back, they asked her to accept alms but she refused and said, "I have my God to care for me. Do you want to take him away from me now?"

They realized her faith, and glorified God.

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