Friday, August 7, 2009

Psalm 9:10

Once a hermit fell ill. Because he had no one to look after him, he got up and ate whatever he could find in his cell. Though this happened for several days, no one came to visit him. Even after a month no one had come. Then the Lord sent an angel to take care of him. After the angel had cared for him for a week, the monks remembered him and said to each other, "Let us go and see if the hermit is ill."

They went to his cell: and the moment they knocked on his door, the angel left him. The hermit inside shouted, "Go away, my brothers." But, they lifted the door off its hinges and went in, and asked him why he had shouted. He said, "For a month I was ill and no one visited me. Now for a week an angel of the Lord has take care of me, but he went away the moment you arrived."

With these words, he died peacefully, and glorified God, saying: 'The Lord does not forsake them who trust in him' (Psalm 9:10).

~~Foresaken, 2007, by Sara Claire Chambless.

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