Tuesday, May 5, 2009

From the Mouth of God

One of the monks saw in a dream a company of angels coming down from heaven by the commandment of God, and one of them held in his hand a scroll that was written on the inside and on the outside, and the angels said to each other, "Who is fit to be entrusted with this?"

Then some of them mentioned one man, and others another, and others answered and said, "Indeed those you mention are holy and righteous, but not sufficiently so to be trusted with this thing."

After they had considered many names of the saints, they finally said, "No one is fit to be entrusted with this except Ephraim."

Then the hermit who was having this vision saw that they gave the scroll to Ephraim. When he got up in the morning he heard they were saying, "Ephraim is teaching and the words flow from his mouth like water from a fountain."

Then the hermit who had seen the vision realized that whatever Ephraim said came from the Holy Spirit.

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